Car AC/Refrigerator/Freezer Gas

Cooling gas for your vehicle ACs, Refrigerators, Water Coolers and Freezers, based on their make and models and compatibility with the type of cooling gas. Please check specifications on your appliance before purchasing to avoid accidental use and resulting damage to the appliance.

Car AC/Refrigerator/Freezer Gas

Combo - SRF Floron R 22 + R 134a Refill Gas Can (450 gm + 450 gm)


Floron - R22 AC Refill Gas Can 450 gm


R-134a Refrigerant Gas Can (450 gm) for Refrigerators and Car AC Systems by SRF (Floron)


Twin Burner Brazing Blow Torch For Barbeque, Copper/Alloy Welding (AC/Refrigeration Use)

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