450 gm (Pack of 3 x 150 gm) - Lygienic Advanced Descale Powder for Coffee Makers, Lab Equipment as well as Semi and Fully Automatic Washing Machines

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Product Features -

Lygienic Descale powder cleans the hidden space of your washing machines, Dishwashers, Coffee makers, Lab equipments to keep them in ultimate shape.

Removes lime scale, bacteria and other friction causing agents, including the bad smell in the wash tub.

Timely cleaning the wash tub reduces the friction between wash tub and the motor below, thereby, reducing the electricity consumption and bring the electricity bills down.  

This descale powder can be used on both, semi as well as fully automatic washing machines of almost all brands.

Also helpful in cleaning lab equipment like oscillators that can accumulate dirt/grime over a period of time.

Packet Contents - 

3 Packets of Lygienic Descale powder - 150 gms each

Note - 

Please do not use this product on outer parts or on the printed areas of the appliances/equipment. Protect from direct sun light and heat, water.Keep out of reach of children and wash hands properly after every use. 

Follow the instructions printed on the packet for effective use and best results. 

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