Combo Of 150 gm Lygienic Scale Remover and 3.0 Meter Water Inlet Pipe/Hose for Fully Automatic Washing Machines

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Brand: RedHerring
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About the Water Inlet Pipe -

  • An excellent quality, soft rubber material water inlet hose/pipe for fully automatic washing machines.
  • Leak proof fittings, a Made in India product.
  • Accurate 3.0 meters length.
  • Tap adapter and washer adapter inbuilt/pre-fitted in pipe.
  • Works with almost all major brands Fully Automatic Washing Machines.
  • Does not suit Semi automatic washing machines.

About Lygienic Scale Remover

  • Ideal for washing machines (fully and semi automatic), lab appliances, dishwashers, geysers etc.
  • Removes scale, lime and dirt/grease etc. from the internal parts of your appliances, making them look like new
  • Reduces/eliminates friction between the internal parts thereby enhancing overall life span of parts and appliances
  • Improves performance of appliances

In the pack - 150 gm sachet of Lygienic Scale Remover and 3 meters Fully Automatic Washing Machine Water Inlet pipe

No warranty or guarantee on the product. 

Non returnable products in the combo offer.

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