Combo Of 300 gm (2 x 150 gm) Lygienic Scale Remover and 3.0 Meter Water Inlet Pipe/Hose for Fully Automatic Washing Machines

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About the Water Inlet Pipe -

  • An excellent quality, soft rubber material water inlet hose/pipe for fully automatic washing machines.
  • Leak proof fittings, a Made in India product.
  • Accurate 3.0 meters length.
  • Tap adapter and washer adapter inbuilt/pre-fitted in pipe.
  • Works with almost all major brands Fully Automatic Washing Machines.
  • Does not suit Semi automatic washing machines.

About Lygienic Scale Remover

  • Ideal for washing machines (fully and semi automatic), lab appliances, dishwashers, geysers etc.
  • Removes scale, lime and dirt/grease etc. from the internal parts of your appliances, making them look like new
  • Reduces/eliminates friction between the internal parts thereby enhancing overall life span of parts and appliances
  • Improves performance of appliances

In the pack - 2 x 150 gm sachet of Lygienic Scale Remover and 3.0 meters Fully Automatic Washing Machine Water Inlet pipe.

No warranty or guarantee on the product. 

Non returnable products in the combo offer.

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