Cona (6 A + 16 A) 3 Pin Plugs (Set of 2) for Large and Small Home & Kitchen Appliances

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Brand: Cona
Product Code: 6A+16A
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In the pack

  • 1 unit of 16A 3 pin plug for large home and kitchen appliances like Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, AC etc.
  • 1 unit of 6A 3 pin plug for small home and kitchen appliances like Electric Iron, LED/LCD TV Screens, Extension wires etc.
  • A perfect quality product from CONA, a well known brand among electrical products. 
  • A Made in India Quality product that is trusted by customers across the country.

No warranty or guarantee on the products in this offer. 

Only mentioned products in the pack. Does not accompany any additional accessories or wires etc.

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