Combo - SRF Floron R 22 + R 134a Refill Gas Can (450 gm + 450 gm)

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Brand: SRF
Product Code: R134a+R22
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  • R22 Works with Window/Split AC systems.
  • R134a Works with Refrigerators and Car AC systems.
  • Contains 450 gm of liquefied gas in each refill can.
  • Few Refrigerator/AC systems use different refrigerant gas therefore, please check Compressor specifications before purchasing to make sure it is compatible with your Refrigerator or Home/Vehicle AC system.
  • No warranty or guarantee on the products. 
  • Non returnable products.

Warning/Handling Instructions

  • Please follow instructions printed on the gas cans to avoid accidental exposure and injuries.
  • Use under supervision of a trained technician to avoid accidental injuries and fatalities.
  • Contents in these cans are stored under high pressure.
  • Exposure to these contents can cause severe burns and mishandling can lead to explosions leading to fatal injuries.

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