Gen Y - Crisper Cover / Vegetable Basket Cover Compatible with Whirlpool DC205/ DC 215/ DC 230 3S/4S/5S and IceMagic (180 L) Single Door Refrigerator Models

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Product Code: DC205
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  • Genuine quality acrylic product from Whirlpool. 
  • Fits only in DC 200 3S/ DC 205/ DC 215 F/ DC 230 3S/ 4S/ 5S and Icemagic 13841 Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerators. 
  • 43 x 27.2 x 1.2 CM (Length, Width and Height respectively) 
  • Part Code W10581294
  • Does NOT Fit in DC 200, DC 245, DC 260 OR DC 300 Single Door models from Whirlpool of India. 
  • Does NOT fit in other brand refrigerators like LG, Samsung etc.

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