Crisper/Vegetable Basket Compatible with Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator Models in FC 21, FC 24, DC 24 5S Series

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This product is suitable ONLY for below mentioned Whirlpool Single door refrigerator models -

    • Ice Magic 210 ltr Old Model, Icemagic DLX 190 ltr
    • Fusion 200 ltr, Masterpiece and Genius XL
    • FC 21/2007, FC 24 5S (Ice magic), DC 24 5S/2012
    • A genuine quality Acrylic product that is made in India.
    • Please match pictures along with measurements of this ice tray with your old ice tray before ordering.

Note:- Only 1 piece of this product will be shipped in the order, unless you have purchased more than 1 bottle shelf in your order.

Disclaimer: - No warranty or guarantee on the product. Please match pictures, size and design with that of your old vegetable box before purchasing. 


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