Curved Refrigerator Door Handle (3650AA 1014 + 3650AA 1015 AND 3650AA 1012 + 3650AA 1013) Compatible With LG Double Door Refrigerator Models in GL - T252GP To GL - 325TMG4 Series

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About this item

  • Good quality plastic material, with chrome plated base for easy grip.
  • Comprises only of Door Handle set (Upper plastic and Chrome plated base).
  • Screws/nuts not included in the packet. 
  • Existing/Old screws can be used to fasten the handle on fridge door.

Please note - 

  • This design handle comes in two different sizes. 
  • Please match either the dimensions/size OR Part Codes embossed inside your old handle with both part codes mentioned for each size below, before ordering - 

    • Part code embossed inside the small size handle of same design is 3650AA 1012 and 3650AA 1013
    • 30 x 4 x 3 Centimeters in length (top to bottom), width and height.
    • Compatible only with LG double door refrigerator models in GL - T252GP, GL - T252GV, GL - T262QM, GL - 265TMG4, GL - 265GM4 series only.

    • Part Code embossed inside the long/bigger size handle - 3650AA 104 and 3650AA 1015
    • Compatible with LG double door models in GL - 285BEG5, GL - 295TMG4, GL - 298LMG4  and GL - 325TMG4 Series only.
    • 33.5 x 4.3 x 3.2 Centimeters in length (top to bottom), width and height.

Note - 

  • 3 color options based on availability in stock at the time of purchase.
  • Available colors for this handle are - Light Grey, Dark Grey and Silver White/Cream.
  • Silver Grey, Pink colors are not in production and can not be arranged. 
  • No warranty or guarantee on these products as these are generic, Made in India products. 
  • Please contact our support team at +91-7982318936 to confirm availability of matching color for your refrigerator before placing the order.
  • These handles DO NOT fit in any other brand refrigerators. Do not order if you have a fridge of brands other than LG. 

Instructions to Install the Handle-

  • Please affix the chrome plated base on your refrigerator door first.
  • Gently place the top plastic piece on top of the chrome base
  • Press it slowly until you hear the locking sound/clicks to make sure handle has been affixed well on the chrome base.

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