MAN626882 (1 & 2) - Bottle Shelf Compatible with LG Double Door Refrigerator Models in D322, M322, U322 series

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Brand: LG
Product Code: MAN626882
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This good quality acrylic product fits well in the middle rack of lower door in the LG double door refrigerator models in -

  • GL - D322, M322, T322 and U322 series models 
  • Part Code MAN-626882 -1/ MAN-626882 - 2
  • 47 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm length, width (base) and height
  • Does not fit any other brand and model refrigerator

Please match size and design before purchasing to avoid the inconvenience of returning the product later. 

Fragile product. Do not use force. Do not step on it. Do not throw.

Needs proper care and handling for longer shelf life.

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