Compact Umbrella with Bottle shaped holder (multi-color) f

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Features -

Looks like a Fancy water bottle. Is it a bottle actually ? Is it something else ? That's correct. Keep them guessing till you open it. 

  • It is a regular size umbrella inside that folds and fits in this bottle shaped umbrella holder with ease.
  • Carry it out in the sun, in the rain alike.
  • Just Fold it, pack it back into the bottle holder whether it is dry or wet.
  • The bottle shaped holder helps you conveniently store it anywhere without having to worry about any consequential damage.
  • Comes with a string as an extra portability option. 

Disclaimer -

No warranty or guarantee.

Comes in Black and Silver color options. Please check before placing the order.

Please avoid using it when there are strong winds outside as the force of winds can damage the chimes that hold this umbrella together. 

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