Freezer Door (Pin Lock) Compatible with LG Single Door Refrigerator Models in GL - 225, GL - 245, GL - 281 / 285 Series

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  • Quality Acrylic product compatible only with below mentioned LG Single Door model series -
    • GL - B 281,
    • GL - 225 BE,
    • GL - 241 SA,
    • GL - 245 BA / 245 BN,
    • GL - B 285 BS series
  • 39.3 cm X 23.2 cm x 2 cm length, width and height
  • Does NOT fit in any other Brand or Model refrigerator

Note - This freezer door comes in two different designs with same size -

  • Pin Lock and
  • Cut/Clip Lock at the front of the door

Please check your old freezer door before placing the order.

Leave the design specification (Pin lock or Cut lock) in your order processing instructions so we can ship correct product. 

This model freezer door fits in specified model number series only. Please match design and size carefully before ordering. 

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