Gas Cylinder Trolley/Stand With 360 Degree Rotating Wheels

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Product Features -

This multi-purpose trolley makes life easy for everyone as it  -

  • can easily carry heavy items like an PNG/LPG Gas Cylinder without much of an effort.
  • can protect your back from back spasms/muscle tears or sprains caused by lifting heavy items
  • has 4 Caster wheels that can rotate 360^ and can spin and move freely on almost every surface.
  • raised and round edges that prevents heady weight items from sliding off.
  • can carry up to 70 KG weight at once.

Uses - Can be ideal for easily carrying heavy weight items like - 

  • Gas Cylinders
  • Large size Flower Pots
  • Water Jugs/Jars and Small Size Drums
  • Heavy Sacks
  • Luggage 

Dimensions - Round design. 30 cm x 30 cm diameter (length, width). 4 cm height for better ground clearance.  

Note - Though packing may occasionally show a 6 months or 1 year warranty/guarantee for this product however, it does not come with any warranty or guarantee. Any confusion due to such misprint/miscommunication is regretted and purely unintentional. 

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